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Mobile Web Applications with GeoExt Mobile (GXM)

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Mobile Web Applications with GeoExt Mobile (GXM)ΒΆ

Welcome to the workshop “Mobile Web Applications with GeoExt Mobile (GXM)”. This workshop is designed to introduce GXM as a mobile web mapping frontend to OGC Web Services (OWS) and other datasources supported by OpenLayers.

This workshop is presented as a set of modules. In each module the reader will perform a set of tasks designed to achieve a specific goal for that module. Each module builds upon lessons learned in previous modules and is designed to iteratively build up the reader’s knowledge base.

The following modules will be covered in this workshop:

GXM Basics
Learn how to create a fullscreen map with a WMS layer.
GXM Layers
Learn how to interact with the different layers of your map.
GXM Buttons
Create buttons to enrich your mobile application by custom UIs.
GXM Vector-Features
How to work with vector data on your map, e.g visualize the result of a redlining layer.